The best way to insure your rental car

The best way to insure your rental car

The prices of rental cars vary greatly and depend on the chosen insurance policies. What should you pay attention to when booking and ensuring a rental car abroad? We will give you the best way to insure your downtown Denver car rentals. In the next piece we will tell you how to save money when planning for a vacation.

Cost of a rental car

Rental prices vary per type of car, rental location and season and can change per day. In the high season, it is best to book a rental car in advance due to rising prices. Brokers are often cheaper than rental companies with their own fleet. The price is highly dependent on the chosen insurance policies and extras such as a second driver.

Book, insure and collect a rental car

The Consumers’ Association regularly receives complaints about car rental abroad, such as extra costs afterward. View what you should pay attention to when booking, ensuring and picking up the rental car.

Breakdown with the rental car

You can expect that a rental car is in good condition. The risk of a technical defect and any delay in the delivery are therefore the responsibility of the lessor. Ask in advance for breakdown assistance and in the event of a car, breakdown contacts the landlord directly for a solution.

Save the bill when you go to a garage and let the technician describe the breakdown and the work. To be sure, also take photos of the breakdown as proof of force majeure.

Can you return the car later due to a breakdown, such as a necessary repair? Then there is force majeure and additional payment is not reasonable.

If you still get extra costs for your choices, then try to find a solution between them. Point out that the technical condition of the car is the responsibility of the lessor and that any delay cannot be charged to you as a renter.