Luxury Restaurants in Baltimore

Baltimore is an independent town in the state of Maryland within the US. Maryland’s constitution established it as separate in 1729. Its metropolitan population as of 2017, was believed to be only under two million. Thus, making it the twentieth largest metro region in the country.

Many major attractions and sites in this city can be found around the inner town district which is split into some of the significant areas such as the Camden yards, inner harbor, and city center. Through this city, you’ll find a vast selection of luxury restaurants. However, to get here, you’ll need to hire an exotic car rental. That said here are the six luxury restaurants in Baltimore.

Rye street tavern

This restaurant is located alongside the Covington Sagamore distiller. It specializes in modernized native comforts such as fried chicken, wood-fired shrimp bake, together with

• Housemade spirits

• Wine

• Beer 

• crab port pastry

This restaurant has a long bar displaying the galleys open fireplace and riverside seashore done with fire pits.

The elk room

The elk room restaurant is concealed behind the Italian steakhouse Tagliata. This dimly lit drink lair from atlas restaurant conveys customers back in time with perfect homemade drinks and rural dishes such as elk tacos and venison tartare. The classic touches like crystal chandeliers and taxidermy, accompanied by night jazz bar, heighten its atmosphere.

Charles Baltimore

This restaurant serves upgraded pub fare such as Nashville hot lobster roll, avocados and parsnip bibimbap alongside craft drinks over two roomy stories. This industrial-chic room characterizes custom steel, whitewashed brick, and wood beam shelving. Plus, two counter tables, multiple televisions, and DJ compartment.


This is an upscale port east dinner from atlas eatery group. In this restaurant, you’ll find dishes such as dry-aged rib and homespun ink Campanelle escorted by a wine list. It has Edison bulbs which emit a warm radiance on art decorated inspired pub. While a strip of precinct seating and night live music, add a European touch to it.

Ida B’s table

The restaurant provides reconceptualized soul food like southern sushi which includes pickles and chickens, and dirty rice chicken rolled in collards. The industrial-chic blueprint of this restaurant is complete with open beams, corrugated tin, picture windows, and brick walls thus setting an approachable and friendly tone to it.


This restaurant specializes in seafood. It offers locally sourced catch together with non-fish alternatives such as fried chicken and upscale chopped steak, plus creative med focused wines and drinks. This rustic contemporary room characterizes a shared chef’s table with an outlook of the open cookhouse.


With its attractive coastal position, it’s hardly astonishing that restaurants in Baltimore specialize in seafood. Much of native foods come from the neighboring Chesapeake Bay, and many of the town’s eatery serves simmered crab among other local dishes. For lively dining in this city, look no further than the restaurants mentioned above. However, for an enjoyable and pleasurable drive to some of these restaurants consider getting an exotic car rental.